Teeth & Heart

by Wardead

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Wardead's debut album, featuring 13 hard-hitting tunes, arises from experience, epiphany, empathy, honesty, humility and harmony. Clear your mind, put on your headphones, close your eyes and leave Earth for a while. Repeat.


released April 4, 2014

Produced by Wardead and the Sun Harmonic.
All songs composed and performed by Ed Pugliese.
Piano on track 6 by Kaleb Hikele.
Engineered and mixed by Kaleb Hikele in Toronto at the Townhouse Recording Facility and Sound Studio.
Mastered by Tom Murray.
Copyright 2014 Birthmother Productions. All Rights Reserved.
In Collaboration with Moon Melody (www.moonmelodyrecords.com)



all rights reserved


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Wardead Toronto, Ontario

Love to create and play

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Track Name: Hive
Never get out of this alive
you can's escape the hive
so enjoy it while you can
while it lasts
you can't escape the lies
so enjoy it
while it lasts
Can't spell slaughter
without the word laughter
so enjoy it
while you can
waiting for my...
Track Name: Fool
Trying to focus on
what it is that makes you smile
How can I believe?
How can I know you
when you don't know yourself?
How can I know you?
Such a fool for you
but I will play it cool for you
I won't lie when I say,
kinda been thinkin' 'bout you
a lot lately
How can you believe?
How can you know me
when I don't know myself?
How can you know me?
Track Name: Receipt
Still staring at the
same old sky
tryin' to appreciate
the moment
clouds drifting by
cool breezes
caress forgotten faces
in the moment
everything changes
in the end
let it roll
cuz you can't control
the external world
but maybe yourself
maybe you can grow
Sun's rays display
the figuring forms
that dance to the pulse of the earth
the pulse of love
the pulse of war
the pulse of hate
the pulse of peace
Your meaningless sketch
still hangs in the corner
of the universe
I'll never get to know
despite my unspared feelings
you're still a wonderful person
and I can hold nothing over you
as much as I may want to
just another flake falling from the sky
maybe you can grow
baby you can go.
Track Name: Chasing Clouds
Making faces
displaced so much anger
to become a stranger
for reasons unknown
left alone
inside my head
Depends on trends
the hands you lend
Like a minor seventh
I try to hide my sadness
behind groove
Track Name: Stories
I wanna know
of what the
universe in your head
"Cooler than this," I hope
said the king of where
everyone stands.
The art of letting go,
'cuz only this is denied god
you cannot change the past.
Why must the most
honest, devoted and true lover be
the most hopeless, desperate, lonely love?
Track Name: Big Brother
Every instant my life
flashes before my eyes
then it hits me
have to come down to earth
and desensitize.
I am a child
so much to learn
bridges to burn.
Then my shallowness and vanity
rise to the surface
cuz a hedonist
lies deep beneath
this moral purpose.
Track Name: Dabait
Regular patron of the arts,
big parts of life they fade away
just fade away with time
fade away with time
Feel it so much
can't even move
long for the touch
to get the groove
Bleeding a trail
rain on pavement
no permanence.
Fade away with time.
Everything I'd want
lies right in front of me
lies in front of me.
Track Name: Food
Anything's good
when you're hungry,
so don't play with food
it might change your mood
Love every living thing
'cept the human being
Make it about myself
it's all I can do
See in others
what's really wrong with you
it's all you can do
all you can do
Track Name: Axis
Animals bring us together
til we need to eat
Earth's axis shifts with every step
Can I lighten your load ma'am?
Can you spare some change man?
Wish I had all the change in the world.
They call her a whore now
on her fourth abortion
she's only 24 but there's always
more to the story
Track Name: Being
Every being
you've ever seen
just a reference point
for where you've been
People want
power over people
Losing all
my thoughts lately
moving from
place to place
Track Name: Not Again
I feel like
everything on this earth
is a vice
a substance I must resist
and avoid abusing
Not again
save me save me
If not I dive right in
head first, both feet,
choke on my heart
and crack my head open
not again.
Spill my dreams
all over you
don't know what to do
to bide my time
but drink away my prime
and pour my sunshine
down the drain
not again.
Track Name: Redemption
You can't have self-control
without the help of others
I need
I can't feed off your light
and let it shine
but after all just wanna
make you mine